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Drum Handing Equipment, From drum storage and drum dispensing equipment to drum containment and drum lifting equipment. If you do not see the drum handling equipment you are looking for call us at (888) 376-5020.

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Drum Dispensing Equipment

Fluid Handling System Drum Pumps Rotary Drum Pumps Drum Transfer Pump
Fluid Handling & Drum Dispensing Equipment Plastic Drum Pumps Rotary Drum Pumps Transfer Pumps
Drum fluid handling storage drum dispensing equipment. Clean, efficient product transfer 
Spill containment, no wasted product 
Store product next to the work area. Perfect drum handling equipment. 
All purpose hand action pumps.  Easy operation fits most 15, 30, 55 gallon drum handling. Rotary pumps for transfer of fluids by hand crank handle.  Available in cast iron, polypropylene of ryton. Quickly & safely transfer tough corrosive liquids.  Self priming, flip of the switch and pumping action begins.  Non Flammable liquids only.
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Drum Containment Equipment

Drum Containment Workstation  

Drum Containment Cart


Drum Containment System
Containment Workstations Poly Dolly Drum Containment  Cart Poly Spill Containment Pallet Poly Rack Drum Containment System
Perfect for dispensing from 55 gallon drums or using as a workstation.  Provides secondary drum containment. Configure any shape platform to meet your requirements. Poly dolly transports drums with ease.  Tilts to become an efficient self dispensing station.  Acts as its own secondary drum containment unit. Overflows and spills stay off the floor. Ideal for virgin chemical storage, satellite hazardous waste collection, in-plant transfer or storage, drum pumping stations and more. Poly Racker on piece polyethylene rack holds (2) 55 gal. drums and over 100 gal. drum containment sump.  Deep dispensing well holds 5 gal. pails.
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Drum Storage Equipment

Drum Crusher Drum Storage Rack Drum Storage Cabinet  


Drum Racks



Drum Crusher Compactor Drum Storage Racks Drum Storage Cabinets Portable Drum Storage Racks
Simple, safe to use, reduces drum storage space.  Safely crushes 55 gallon drums to 6" high. Heavy duty racks built for full drum storage.  Portable drum cradles are made of 1" pipe, cradles include with each rack. Protects flammable liquids from fires of explosion with worry free drum storage  cabinets.  Cabinets conform to OSHA and NFPA approved. Drum cradle or can not included. All welded racks are made of heavy wall structural steel tubing.  Racks stack 4 high and provide 4 way access.
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Drum Lifting

Drum Transporters  

Drum Grips


Drum Transporter Lifter Drum lifting Carrier
Drum Hauler Eagle Drum Grips Easy Lift Drum Transporters Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom
Self powered drum transporters and dumpers.  Make easy task of transporting drums, 800 lb. capacity, 15% gradient performance. Available in single or double grip for handling any size steel or plastic chimed drum. Safe, simple and effective drum lifting. Best way to lift and move drums without a fork lift.   Sturdy and safe drum lifting carrier / boom. Allows one operator to easily lift, transport and dispense fully loaded drums
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Drum Lifter Rotator Poly Drum Grip  


Portable Drum Dumper



DRUM LIFTER ROTATOR TRANSPORTER Mechanical Auto Grip Poly Jaws Drum Grip Portable Drum Dumper
Lifts drums from ground level to a raised height of 68" to bottom of drum in horizontal position. For use with 55-gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums. A hand gear mechanism provides the controlled 360 rotation of the drum. A floor lock is standard to stabilize the unit in a fixed position. Heavy duty drum grip works faster than hydraulic units.  Manually adjusts to fit drums 18" to 23" diameter. Works with poly drum with at least 3/16" top lip.  Fork truck driver does not have to leave cab to engage or disengage drum. Controlled and safe dumping of heavy drums.  All hydraulic drum lifting and controlled tilting for efficient one man operation.
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Drum Gripper
Ergonomic Drum Handler Drum Dumper Rotators The Double Drum Graber Eagle Grip
Easily remove drums from containment skids of full pallets.  The Raptor employees a parrot beak style grab that is able to handle virtually any kind of drum. EasyLift Drum Dumpers with manual clamp and manual 180 forward rotation are available with: manual lift by means of foot pedal, 24 volt DC powered lift or pneumatic lift with rechargeable air receiver. Easily and quickly pick up one or two steel drums without leaving the fork lift.  Slip the fork tines into the fork tubes and the drum griper is ready. Single automatic clamping mechanism for handling any size steel or plastic chimed drum.
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Up to 55 Gallon Drum Handling Equipment

Barrel Carrier Drum Cradle Drum Dolly  


Drum Trucks



Tilting Barrel Carrier Wesco Drum Cradle Quad Drum Dollies Drum Trucks
One man drum handling, transports and rotates 55 gallon drums.  Sturdy handle provides easy leverage for heavy drum lifting Economical and convenient way to tip, drain and store 55 gallon drums.  Simple and easy for one person use. Designed for ease of rolling 30 and 55 gallon drums.  Rugged welded steel construction for long life. Made of industrial strength, heavy duty pipe frame.  All joints double welded.  Safe one man drum handling of heavy 55 gallon drums.
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